Articles for CENBOSEC

CBSE Board has decided to resume e-publication of CENBOSEC as a biannual e-magazine which will help you to reach out to all the other schools affiliated to the Board and get at-a-glance updates from CBSE.

Schools play a critical role in helping students establish lifelong healthy behaviour. Recognizing the importance of this, school based health promotion activities have been incorporated as a part of the Health and Wellness component of the Ayushman Bharat Programme. School Health & Wellness Programme (launched in Feb 2020) is being implemented in CBSE affiliated schools. The CENBOSEC issue (July-December 2022) will be based on the theme Education for Health and Wellness.

Sub-themes are:

• Growing up Healthy
• Emotional Well-being and Mental Health
• Interpersonal Relationships
• Values and Responsible Citizenship
• Gender Equality
• Nutrition, Health and Sanitation
• Prevention and Management of Substance Misuse
• Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle
• Reproductive Health and HIV Prevention
• Safety and Security against Violence and Injuries
• Promotion of Safe Use of Internet, Gadgets and Media.

1. Principals / Teachers/ Peer Educators are invited to send their original articles in English or Hindi on any of the sub-themes given above for the present issue of CENBOSEC, before 10th October, 2022. Please send your article using the given Google form link . The best 20 articles will be published in this issue. Latest Question Papers can be downloaded from here.

2. Schools are also invited to send a cover design on the given theme for the present issue of CENBOSEC before 10th October, 2022 using the given Google form link . The best cover design submitted by a school will be acknowledged in the bulletin and will be used in this issue.

Guidelines for submission of articles:

Articles for submission must be previously unpublished and in English or Hindi. Articles should be well-written with grace as well as clarity. Articles should be copy-edited carefully before submission. The Board regards plagiarism as a serious professional misconduct.

All submissions will be screened for plagiarism and if identified, the article submitted will be rejected.

The author shall submit the article in MS-Word. The length of articles should not exceed 1000 words/ 2 pages (A4 size) including images. Font should be 11-point Arial, whether in normal, bold, or italic, including endnotes. Please do not insert line breaks in the text or special spacing for formatting. All texts / paragraphs should have one and a half spacing. In case of articles in Hindi, the software used to create the document needs to be mentioned / link to be given in page 3 of your attachment.

Tables and images should be placed close after their first reference in the text. Table headings should be above the tables. Image caption should be centered below the image. The author should insert a self-photograph at the end of the article and mention her/his name, designation and school name.

All citations should be in endnotes and not in the text. It is the responsibility of the author to obtain permission for the use of any copyrighted material, including images.

For any queries, the schools may contact at 011-23231070 or email at